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With a focus on web3, Cyber Security, Software Development and Apps, we can build your project using the latest tech solutions to future-proof your platform.

Blockchain | web3 | NFT

Blockchain is the technology underlying web3, NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and dApps (Decentralized Apps), which allows for the removal of "trusted third parties". This concept rewards users and developers for participating in online communities and platforms.

If you have unique content with limited supply and in high demand, developing a NFT solution could be for you. Just one example is creating digital ownership, not just membership, turning a single revenue source into recurring revenue.

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Cyber Security

Ransomware, data breaches and cyber security attacks are becoming an every-day occurrence. Securing IT infrastructure is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses and governments.

We provide a range of self-assessment tools or can help guide you through the process of enhancing your cyber security posture.

Create a tailored solution or choose from a range of cyber security best practises like ISO27001, NIST or the ACSC Essential Eight.

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Software | Apps

Have a cool idea for an App?

You might be surprised how affordable App development can be. Solutions may include modifying off-the shelf packages or designing your own custom platform.

Come in for an obligation free chat and at the very least we can help point you in the right direction. We maintain strict client confidentiality and we respect the value of your Intellectual Property (IP).

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Why Web4?

Web3 is happening now. The tech-stack underlying the internet is changing today, leading to new use-cases which will be defined in the coming years. web4 is a play on web3 as we are looking at what's next? And yes, we will rename to web5 when the time is right!

We have some ideas on what the future might look like and we love helping entrepreneurs shape that future. Blockchain and Cyber Security will be two of the driving forces changing the IT landscape for the next 20 years. We build using the latest technology including flutter, solidity, react, ethereum, QLDB, MongDB plus a range of other development environments to enable your vision.

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